Maana Named a Gartner “Cool Vendor in IoT Analytics 2016

Maana, the advanced analytics platform that operationalizes big data insights into line-of-business applications, today announced it was named a “Cool Vendor” in the “Cool Vendor in IoT Analytics, 2016” report by Gartner, Inc. According to Gartner, “The market for IoT analytics spans industrial, enterprise and consumer applications. Vendors have novel ways to automate or make advanced analytics accessible to a broad range of users by mining insights from streaming and other large and multi-structured data sources (relational, NoSQL, text, video, audio, social data and so on) in order to optimize industrial assets and processes and customer experiences. They also offer industrial-domain and asset optimization-specific algorithms, customer-engagement-specific algorithms, analytical techniques and analytics applications.”

Maana’s end-to-end platform crawls, indexes, mines, enriches, joins, classifies, analyzes, clusters, connects, and correlates data from various data silos — simultaneously — to create a dynamic knowledge structure of an asset, dramatically accelerating asset performance optimization.

At the center of its advanced analytics platform is the patented “Maana Knowledge Graph“, which takes asset performance optimization to the next level. This breakthrough innovation in knowledge technology is unique in the way it forms operational knowledge from data in silos and translates this intelligence into recommendations for thousands of employees to make better day-to-day decisions.

Maana’s user guided, machine-assisted approach makes it easy and intuitive for subject-matter experts to find and draw correlations between data from disparate sources. They can quickly find answers through search and exploration, drill-down, filtering and interactive visualization functions that accelerate the time it takes to get from raw data to continuous insights—often by an order of magnitude.

“Businesses care deeply about eliminating losses, reducing downtime, preventing incidents, and maximizing efficiency. Accomplishing this requires first getting an accurate picture of the business and how it operates,” said Donald Thompson, founder and chief technology officer at Maana. “To build such a model takes more than a lot of raw data and some data scientists. This is why Maana has reimagined the entire analytics process and is introducing the concept of knowledge mining to quickly give organizations the holistic view and interpretation of their operations they so badly need.”

Thompson continued, “For the first time, in a single platform, Maana enables business leaders, analysts, subject matter experts, and IT to truly collaborate as a team to build this vital shared understanding and deliver operational recommendations for immediate impact.”

Maana’s end-to-end software platform rapidly solves the most complex data analytics challenges of Fortune 500, without the need for large numbers of professional services experts or data scientists. According to Gartner, “The IoT analytics vendors covered in this report are driving innovation.”

“IoT is a new frontier for analytics in the enterprise. When done right, it brings about a major leap in business outcomes. This new analytics frontier needs two things: first breaking out of analytical silos and second developing thousands of new (data) models. However doing so requires a brand new analytics paradigm, the Maana Knowledge Graph,” said Babur Ozden, founder and chief executive officer at Maana. “At the core of Maana’s end-to-end analytics platform is our patented Knowledge Graph for asset optimization and profitability. Our recent Series B round led by the world’s largest corporations is an indication that the most progressive enterprises are embracing Maana.”

The company has shown impressive growth, with a strong list of Global industrial customers including Chevron and GE and a recent $26 million in Series B Funding bringing total funding to-date to over $40 million.

About Maana

Maana is the advanced analytics platform that operationalizes big data insights into line-of-business applications. Maana’s groundbreaking enterprise knowledge graph enables companies to analyze data in multiple silos simultaneously, accelerating the time it takes to go from raw data to continuous insights. Enterprises are improving their asset profitability with Maana by operationalizing big data insights and recommendations into line-of-business applications for thousands of employees to make better decisions. Investors include Chevron Technology Ventures, ConocoPhillips Technology Ventures, Frost Data Capital, GE Ventures, Intel Capital Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, and Shell Technology Ventures. Maana is privately held with offices in Palo Alto, California, and Bellevue, Washington. Visit us at