SAEV portfolio company XAGE is using blockchain technology to ensure data security in space

25 September 2020

You’ve probably thought about securing smart devices such as cars and homes, but have you thought about securing space with blockchain technology? The increasing adoption of connected technologies exposes aircraft, airports, satellites, and the interdependent aerospace ecosystem to new types of risks. And it’s being taken extremely seriously.

This year’s DEFCON Safe Mode even had space security on the agenda. The US Air Force and DOD‘s Defense Digital Service hosted the Space Security Challenge 2020, a mixture of virtual workshops and prize challenges related to securing space systems, including a live capture-the-flag (CTF) style satellite hacking competition dubbed “Hack-A-Sat.” Then, this month the White House released a new space policy Space Policy Directive (SPD)

The policy is considered by security experts as the first comprehensive government policy related to cybersecurity for satellites and related systems, outlining best practices for agencies and companies to prevent space systems from hacking and other cyber threats.

One company, Xage, is using blockchain technology to ensure data security in space. Xage Security has developed a blockchain-protected security platform for IoT, creating a tamperproof “fabric” for communication, authentication, and trust that assures security at scale.

The platform supports any-to-any communication, secures user-based and machine-to-machine access to existing systems, works at the edge even with irregular connectivity, and gets stronger and stronger with every device added to the network. Their solutions have been deployed across a range of industries including energy, utilities, transportation and manufacturing.