SAEV Portfolio Company Target Intervention accelerating digital transformation in the Oil and Gas industry

16 November, 2020

Through its leading position as an oil producer, Aramco continues to innovate core upstream processes with the potential to offer greater operational value.

One such challenge is to develop a cost-effective solution for providing reservoir data to engineers in real-time, in order to make faster decisions.

As a global enterprise, Aramco leveraged its Aberdeen Technology Office (ATO), specialising in upstream downhole tool technologies, for a solution that did not exist previously, as revealed by market studies. With knowledge inherited from nearby North Sea operations, Aberdeen’s researchers worked hand in hand with field operations in Saudi Arabia to identify the technical and operational requirements for a potential solution. This resulted in ATO working with Aramco’s corporate venturing arm, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), who suggested one of its portfolio companies that works on a novel concept that could address field challenges.

With Aramco investment and technical support, portfolio company Target Intervention was able to introduce a downhole tool that provides high quality, real-time reservoir data, such as pressure and temperature, during Drilling Stem Tests (DSTs). This test is done while drilling, and can obtain pressure, permeability and productive capacity of a rock formation.

Development of such a tool operating in a confined space is challenging. Therefore, full understanding of the problem, and a solution that meets engineering and operational standards is essential. The technology was tested across several wells, revealing considerable cost savings – over $1m from just two deployments, and a 50 percent reduction in rig time.