OxyMem Wins “Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year” from Global Water Awards

17 September, 2020

OxyMem are delighted to have been named the “Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year” by the Global Water Awards for its innovative Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology for the treatment and purification of municipal and industrial wastewater.

Named one of the most impressive commercial breakthroughs into the global water technology market in 2019, OxyMem’s drop-in MABR modules intensify the biological process on existing wastewater treatment plants, increasing treatment capacity with minimal energy consumption.

Rather than expanding existing wastewater treatment plants, Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR) offer a cost-effective way to retrofit and upgrade activated sludge plants to meet tightening effluent standards and to cater for population growth.

“With the global urgency around water scarcity, the ability to purify and recycle wastewater—in a sustainable way—is incredibly important,” said HP Nanda, Global Vice President and General Manager, DuPont Water Solutions. “I am so very proud that the industry is recognizing OxyMem’s leadership and innovation in this space.”

This “plug and play” upgrade to the existing process eases the pressure on the plant and enhances effluent quality and treatment capacity without the need for civil works, downtime or constant operator intervention.

Once in place, MABR delivers oxygen to the established biofilm via millions of gas permeable membrane fibres; a mechanism capable of using up to 75 percent less energy than traditional bubble aeration. In older plants, OxyMem’s MABR may also improve sludge settlement and generate less waste biosolids, reducing the cost and effort of removal from site.

“This recognition marks the successful journey from a 2013 spinoff out of University College Dublin to a commercially viable solution to deal with lower nutrient discharges requirements and increased treatment capacity demands without additional land use,” said John McConomy, Commercial Director of DuPont’s OxyMem product line. “As part of DuPont, we have a golden opportunity to upscale our activities and meet the massive demand for MABR.”