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Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (‘SAEV’) is the strategic technology venturing program of Saudi Aramco, the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company.Our mission is: “to invest globally into start-up and high growth companies with technologies of strategic importance to Aramco, to accelerate their development and their deployment in Saudi Aramco.”

Our focus areas include:

•Digital & IR4.0 technologies.
• Sustainability technologies, in particular: carbon capture, utilization & storage; methane emissions reduction; renewables & grid energy storage; industrial energy efficiency; transportation efficiency; greenhouse gas footprint tracing & certification; offsets; hydrogen; synthetic renewable fuels; water and air quality.
• Non-metallic materials & new applications for hydrocarbons.
• Upstream oil & gas hardware and digital solutions.
• Downstream oil & gas / petrochemicals hardware and digital solutions.

Investments typically range from $2-20M and we are flexible in stage of development, from early to expansion stage ventures. We seek companies led by world-class management teams with differentiated technologies that can add value to Saudi Aramco’s operations.

We aim to be a value-added strategic investor. We actively support portfolio companies in doing business with Saudi Aramco and in accessing the Saudi Arabian and regional MENA market, including facilitating piloting, business development, localization, and accessing of technical and operational expertise. Our team of highly experienced investment professionals provides portfolio companies with guidance and support, and access to a global network.

Besides SAEV, Saudi Aramco operates several venturing programs with different objectives: Prosperity7, our diversified growth investment program, investing in highly-scalable transformative or disruptive ventures outside of the energy industry. We participate in OGCI Climate Investments, a joint venture of 11 major oil & gas companies representing 40% of global hydrocarbon production, investing in climate related technologies and solutions relevant to the oil & gas industry. SABIC Ventures, focused on: new materials and applications; sustainable use of chemicals and plastics; process & resource efficiency; and specialty agrinutrients. Wa’ed Ventures, investing in regional ventures with a significant focus on the Saudi Arabian market, supporting economic development, job creation, and development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the MENA region.

For venture capital funding relating to Enterprise Tech, Fintech, Deep Tech & AI, B2B, and B2C visit Prosperity7 Ventures, the diversified growth fund of Aramco Ventures.


our key elements of doing an investment

We seek minority equity ownership positions and in most cases seek board seats or board observer rights. We make direct investments into venture companies, and also invest selectively via best-in-class venture capital funds.

Above all, we aim to be a value-adding strategic investor, supporting our portfolio companies throughout their development and leveraging our relationship with Aramco.

Our investment strategy can be characterized as follows:

Sectors: Upstream and downstream oil & gas, petrochemicals, water and renewables technologies with application in the Saudi Arabian market.
Stage: Prototype to early expansion stage
Geographies: Global
Ticket size: Typically $5-10 million over 2-3 rounds of financing, but flexibility to invest from $1 million up to $30 million total exposure per company,
Ownership: 5% to 50%
Syndication: We often act as lead investors but will follow or syndicate with others as appropriate.
Engagement: We typically seek Board or observer seats. We actively engage with portfolio companies in supporting company development and in facilitating business or technology development in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.
Holding period: Flexible, but seek alignment with management and other shareholders.

We perform a 360° assessment of investment opportunities. Factors we consider include:

  • Fit with Aramco technical needs, or with broader technology needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and scale of potential impact.

  • Fit with fund strategy (sectors, geography, and stage).

  • Capabilities and track record of management team.

  • Uniqueness and benefits of technology, and strength of intellectual property protection.

  • Size of addressable market.

  • Technical, IP, market, legal and financial risks.

  • Willingness to engage with us as investor and strategic partner.

We invest in technologies in upstream and downstream oil and gas, petrochemicals, water, energy efficiency and renewables with application to the Saudi Arabian market. Specific areas of interest are highlighted below, though we will consider any technology applicable to our circumstances. Information and communications technologies applicable to upstream or downstream operations (the "digital oilfield") are of high interest.

Upstream Oil & Gas

Focus areas include seismic and imaging technologies, reservoir engineering, fluid flow control, productivity enhancement techniques, metering and intelligent wells, artificial lift, smart fluids, tight gas and unconventional gas production, extended reach and slim-hole drilling, drilling and production fluids and hardware, computational modeling, in-situ sensing and intervention, analytics, automation and visualization.

Downstream Oil & Gas

Our downstream interest areas include the following: whole-crude desulfurization, refining advancements, corrosion and scaling detection and prevention, advanced fuel formulations and advanced engines, oil and gas sensing and treatment, robotics, functional materials, predictive maintenance, sensors, analytics, automation and visualization, and technologies that can significantly contribute to enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Our interests focus on enhancing productivity in chemicals production and downstream vertical integration from hydrocarbon feedstocks to basic and intermediate petrochemicals. This includes technologies for direct crude-to-chemicals processing as well as technologies that use CO2 as a feed stocks. We will also selectively invest in differentiated specialty chemical technologies that may be localized in Saudi Arabia, particularly into chemical industry clusters being developed around Saudi Aramco's integrated chemical mega-projects, such as Petro Rabigh and Sadara.

New Drivers for Hydrocarbon Demand

We will invest opportunistically into technologies which have the potential to materially increase the demand for hydrocarbon-based products into new markets. This includes new manufacturing technologies, materials, additives and other enabling technologies in areas such as composites, construction systems, and re-use technologies.


We have wide-ranging interests in water technologies, both for application in Saudi Aramco’s operations as well as more broadly in the Kingdom. Specific areas include desalination systems, components, and pretreatment systems, wastewater treatment and recycling (including municipal, industrial and produced water), seawater injection EOR, "smart water", water distribution, and technologies that improve water resource efficiency at point of use.

Energy Efficiency

We focus on energy efficiency technologies that have near-term potential for deployment in the Saudi Arabian market. These include technologies to enhance efficiency of power generation and distribution, industrial efficiency technologies, including in the areas of rotating machinery, heat exchangers, waste heat recovery, waste pressure recovery, monitoring, analytics and asset visualization systems. Industrial efficiency focuses on petrochemicals, water, cement and metal industries that are major energy consumers in the Saudi Arabian market. Technologies enhancing end-use efficiency in the government, residential, hospitality and commercial sectors will be considered where economics are attractive in the Saudi Arabian market and where emerging regulations are likely to drive adoption.

Industry 4.0

We seek to invest into enabling technologies that can have material impact in Saudi Aramco’s operations, particularly in the field of ‘Industry 4.0’ where there is much innovation. This includes IoT, robotics, mobility, cloud services, blockchain-enabled services, AR/VR, advanced manufacturing, etc.



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news & events
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  • 26 January 2021

    SAEV Portfolio Company Nexa3D Launches NexaX 2.0 Intelligent Software Platform to Extend Its 20X Productivity Advantage.

  • 21 January 2021

    Dan Carter, SAEV Senior Investment Director awarded as Top 50 Emerging Leaders 2021 by Global Corporate Venturing (GCV).

  • November 2020

    SAEV portfolio company Data Gumbo recognized with Distinction for the Smart Water Project of the Year in the 2020 Global Water Awards for its excellence in water management.

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